Engine and aircraft teardowns, what happens after the purchase?

You have purchased an engine or aircraft for teardown, but what are the next steps to manage the receiving process in Quantum whilst attributing accurate costs to the manifest.

Do you delay costing until items are repaired? Capitalise, or expense the repairs? How to scrap items? What happens to the main component after teardown? These are some of the many questions I have been asked over the past few months.

The good news is Quantum’s LOT module can process these teardowns whilst accurately reconciling the cost/profit within each LOT giving you full visibility.

The key to success is a proper set-up from the start, automated reporting, and triggered notifications to the user for any exceptions that might arise during the management process.
It is never too late to have all your historical equipment teardowns cleaned up. With custom scripts CordobaQ can reconcile past teardowns to ensure data integrity in your database for bullet-proof reporting and audits.
Maximise the value from expensive assets with total transparency and accurate data. Can I help your team deliver the insights you need?

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