Take the complication out of consignments.

Has your aviation company unlocked the complexity of managing a consignment with tricky commercial terms?
Over the past few months, I have been contacted by a few #aviation companies asking for guidance on how to handle profit splits, repair re-charges, freight, and the proper way of taking ownership of a ‘hot’ component.

Depending on the contract terms, more than one module in #Quantum needs to be used. For example, Quantum’s Remote Inventory Module works in combination with Quantum’s LOT costing module to provide dashboard-like benefits that display all transactional activity.

Without proper consignment set-up there is a risk of lost units, broken audit trails and overpayments.
In addition, Quantum’s Event Manager can automate many reports for the consignor and send instant internal notifications if the process flow is not being followed, to ensure users are managing the consignment properly.

CordobaQ has the experience to simplify and streamline these processes – can we help your team?

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