Aviation Experiences

Commercial Development Officer at AJW Group (2014 – 2021)

Business Architect

I designed and deployed business process automation to improve everyday systems where manual effort could be replaced to achieve cost minimization, digital efficiency and streamlined processes.

One example is development of the Quantum database to communicate directly with approved MRO vendor’s databases where fixed pricing and contracted agreements are in place resulting in reduced headcount for both customer and MRO vendor.

Analysis of product deficiencies in order to provide recommendations for business growth and problem resolution.


Business Development

Effectively launched StockMarket in 2005, an integrated SaaS product and ecommerce service into the fastest growing online marketplace servicing the B2B needs of aviation professionals worldwide.

As of 2014, the StockMarket webs services was used by over 33,000 end users, 2,800 vendors and over 1,400 airlines resulting in taking over 40% of market share from industry competitors such as ILSmart.

Proactively evangelized our services using social media channels, industry publications, and presence at conferences, winning industry awards and working with the press to promote the company’s products and services.

Technical Knowledge

In 2012, I proficiently designed and deployed an aviation industry’s first ‘buying and selling’ marketplace iPhone app and Android app for mobile devices.
Designed the StockMarket functionality in five Quantum ERP software modules.

Proficient with creating and designing custom SAP Crystal Reports.

Able to read/write SQL and understand the complex relationship of the 900+ tables in Quantum’s database

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